Alison Vaughn speaking at 2017 Women Entrepreneurs Conference on Saturday, November 18, 2017

Alison Vaughn will be speaking at the upcoming 2017 Women Entrepreneurs Conference on Saturday, November 18, at the University of Michigan Detroit Center. She will be leading a session on the power of networking to increase your net worth, something every small business owner can benefit from.

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About WEConference 2017
Held during Global Entrepreneurship Week and honoring Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, the 2017 Women Entrepreneurs Conference is a full-day business conference that brings together female entrepreneurs, business experts, media, investors, and community and government leaders to support and celebrate women in business. This year’s theme is Connect, Cultivate & Celebrate!

The 2017 Women Entrepreneurs Conference offers a unique opportunity to:

  • CONNECT with like-minded women entrepreneurs to share experiences and stories to help encourage and support other entrepreneurs
  • CULTIVATE new business relationships with business experts and organizations dedicated to strengthening and advancing women’s success in starting and scaling high-growth businesses.
  • CELEBRATE the contributions and impact of women entrepreneurs to Michigan’s economy.
During the event, attendees will be immersed in a high-impact program featuring informative keynote speakers who will share actionable strategies on how to build and grow a successful business!

The event will also feature an interactive panel discussion, the “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” award presentation, and the opportunity to meet and network with inspiring women leaders and entrepreneurs from across the state.

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