Understanding the Basic Etiquettes of Regifting an Unwanted Gift

Are you dealing with a sweater that refuses to fit, or perhaps, a bizarre cake mixer that you know for a fact that you’ll never put to use? One shouldn’t even hesitate while passing along unused and unwanted gifts to others in the community who might find a use for them. You know what they say, “One man’s trash in another man’s treasure”

However, gifting is a glorious tradition of kindness, and there are certain etiquettes involved with regifting so you can uphold the tradition with respect.

Here are all the regifting etiquettes you need to remember:

Play it Safe

Always make sure you regift an item in different social circles so that the person who originally gave you the gift never gets to know. For instance, if you received a gift from your aunt, don’t regift it in the family, instead, give it to one of your co-workers. Similarly, gifts received from friends should be regifted to far-off relatives who have no chance of ever running into your friends while using the gift.

Give it Time

Don’t give away an unwanted gift as soon as you receive it, for it’s always nice to give it some time just in case the original giver decides to ask you about it. If the items are perishable, you can always check the expiry date to make sure you regift it while it’s still fresh.

Don’t Regift Used Items

It’s extremely disrespectful to regift a used item, something that bear’s your or someone else’s initials, or something that you received for free. Unless the gift is a traditional heirloom or a priceless antique, it’s always better to regift something new.

Be Thoughtful

The idea of regifting is not an attempt to get rid of unwanted things thoughtlessly, it is in fact the art of regifting with a purpose. If you don’t like the sweater your uncle got you, give it to a friend who’s busted her pay check on rent and can’t afford to go shopping. If you certain you’ll never use the coffeemaker you got for Christmas, give it to someone who loves coffee.

New Packaging

Between the time you took to open the gift, handle it multiple times and toss it around your house to find the perfect place, the gift bag or wrapping paper must have undergone a great deal of wear and tear. So, before you regift it, be sure to pick out a fancy new gift bag and a lovely wrapping paper so it looks new and shiny.

Eliminate All Signs of a Regift

Even if the packaging is all new and shiny, there are several other signs that can give you away while regifting. If you want to avoid offending the sentiments of the recipient of the regift, be sure to eliminate all signs of leftover tape, wrapping paper, promotional material, and any cards or tags that might hint the name of the original giver. Be sure to remove all signs of personalisation, which could be your initials or a book inscription.

Happy Holidays!

Alison Vaughn



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