Ms. Goal Digger

“Success is Sexy”   – Alison Vaughn 


Author of the book, Ms. Goal Digger: Success is Sexy – A CEO’s Guide to Goal Setting, Dressing the Part and Having It All.

Ms. Goal Digger: Success is Sexy! is a tell-all guide for today’s businesswoman who wants to get what she wants for herself, by herself. While the world may define success in dollars and cents, this book teaches women how to work smarter, not harder.  In this book, you will learn:

• How to network to increase your net worth

• How to develop a millionaire mindset

• How to act, speak and dress like a CEO

• How to set strategic goals and plans of action

And more!

While many may define sexy as miniskirts, makeup and stilettos, this book teaches that true sexiness starts with a mogul mindset.

“Focusing on your personal style … will help you create the image you want and fill you with confidence and pride.”   – Alison Vaughn 

inspired style

Co-author of the book, Inspired Style.

Member, Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Vaughn’s “Looking Great at Any Age” provides practical advice on how to dress for your age and personal style, and maintain your perfect image at any age. From fit to color, accessories to undergarments, balancing trends and classics, where to draw the eye and how to avoid “peek-a-boob” looks, Vaughn helps readers actively inventory their style.

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